New Vario Models 2014

The new Vario models for 2014 are announced.

Bell 429 electro / turbine

Eurocopter EC 120 electro / turbine


MD 900 electro


Bell Jet Ranger Turbine


New turbine mechanics

helicopter turbine jet italia

New turbine mechanics top mount or bottom mount including turbine from Jet-Italia.
The bottom mount series is available with 8hp turbine for models 15-20kg and headspead from 900-1300rpm.
Fits most Vario fuses, similar to PHT-3 but this mechanic is with gearbox instead or belt reduction.
The top mount series is available as a direct fit conversion for T-Rex 700 with headspead of 1350rpm, or as specified by your demands.
All kits include kerostart and ProJet ECU.

Jeti DS-14, the small brother of the DS-16

Jeti DS-14

High Tech Hardware and extensible software at a fair price . The new DS -14 transmitter! The right choice for all model types .
Up to 14 channels, comes with 8 channels installed in the basic set at 799 euro.
More channels or functions can be bought seperatly when you need them!

- clear , timeless form
- 4 transmit antennas and two integrated RF modules for optimal and maximum range
- transmitter aluminum main frame
- precise ball- bearing sticks with contactless scanning ( Hall sensors)
- adjustable stick length
- 3.8 "Display
- internal 4GB Memory (Micro SD card)
- ilmost infinite model memory
- Li-Ion battery with 3200mAh and internal charger
- 10-12 hours of operation
- headphone jack and speakers
- mini USB connection

- Up to 14 proportional channels ( 8channel included)
- Super fast reactions and minimum latency
- All settings can be displayed clearly on the large LCD display
- Upgrade options for other functions (see diagram) by special Jeti Online Store
- FW updates via USB

- Full duplex EX and EX bus telemetry
- Display and storage of telemetry data in real time

DJI Phantom II Vision

dji phantom 2 vision

Finally available!

The long expected DJI Phantom II Vision brings aerial photography to your living room!
Ths RTF model hans everything on board to let you start with this new form of photography within a reasonable budget.
Enjoy taking aerial photo's and share them with friends by the special designed apps for smartphones!

Visit the shop for more information!

Superscale Helis

superscale 407

RC Heliservice is proud to announce their dealership for Superscale Helis.
This brand offers only a few Bell models, but all fully approved and lincenced by Bell Helicopters.
These models are a 100% realistic scale model of the original Bell helicopters.
Everything has been scaled down, even the roofliners, doorpanels, ...

Together with their custom made, doghouse located mechanics for turbine or electro, this model is more than just a scalehelicopter,
it are masterpieces.

check it out in our webshop!

Seaking 1/6

Seaking rc model

Always wanted a decent scale Seaking?
No where to find... Untill now: RC Heliservice proudly presents the dealership for Belgium for this 1.8m Seaking for turbine or electro.
The kit includes a 49 piece 3D printed scale detail kit, retractable landing gear, woodwork and window set...
We also offer a scale 5 blade rotorhead and 6 blade tailrotor.
more info: or visit the webshop.

3d print service

3d print service scale

RC Heliservice wants to make the helicopters as much scale as possible.
The recent technology of 3d printing is a great resource for upgrading the helicopter.

We design and print all scale accessories you ever wanted.
In the webshop you can find the current designed models, but this productrange is limitless.

All prints are available in sizes from 1/3 to 1/8 scale

Jakadofsky dealer

jakadofsky turbine rc model

Rc Heliservice has become Jakadofsky dealer in Belgium.
Jakadofsky jet engines are world famous due to their metal toothwheel drivetrain with lifetime warranty.
Jakadofsky offers multiple versions of their truboshaft turbines, from 4 KW up to 10 KW.

All models available in our shop!

Jeti Duplex transmitters

jeti duplex 2.4ghz telemetry

Precise RC transmitters benefit from all of the features that the Duplex 2,4GHz EX system can offer.
The transmitters contain an advanced user interface that allows you almost unlimited programming.
On-line and off-line telemetry are available as well as alarms, custom audio playback etc.

The complete Jeti Duplex line is available in our shop.


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